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Sunday, 24 May 2009

New single "Hoppin'" is out now. You can get it from MTV3 store , Netanttila , NRJ Store or CM-Store. We do a couple of gigs also - welcome!

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Thursday, 21 May 2009


New single Hoppin' is coming out soon! We we're jamming with Olli and Jape last fall and they had a nice groove. I just sang something on it and we had a catchy song there. We played it on the gigs and people seemed to like it. We didn't have any special plans for the song because it's a bit different than the other ones we've planned for our 3rd album. Happily I met producer ace Rake Eskolin at his studio and we started to talk about Beagon. I got an idea that he would be the right guy to mix Hoppin' and he truly was! He did a great job and our ascetic rock piece turned to be a fresh and extroverted pop song! It was a perfect treatment. 'Cos our faces have been on album covers so many times(2?) we used only Petri this time... Image BTW, BUY IT!

best, Timo

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Thursday, 21 May 2009



the gigs as a quartet have been fantastic. Only bad thing in getting a new member Pete has been a fact that it seems that some of the songs we recorded last year have a better flow now with two guitars and we've decided to record couple of songs again. Tough decision, it's hard to dump versions that sound very good but... a bit wrong. We recorded 15 songs and 5 of them (at least) are going to be rerecorded. Let's see...-timo

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